Fine Policy

The Board of Directors is in the process of reviewing a fine policy, with details to come after March 25th

Yard of the Month

Resumes April 1st

HOA Meeting

March 25th at 6pm

Quail Grove HOA - Smoke Detector Safety

Working smoke alarms cut the risk
of dying in reported home fires in half.
Find out why!

Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

Please join the Board of Directors in congratulating the winners of the Quail Grove HOA Holiday Decorating Contest:

    First place: Terry Bucher
    Second place: Al Callis
    Third Place: Dwayne Pfeil

The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who sent in their vote, as well as thank all homeowners who decorated their homes and properties to make this past Christmas festive for all!

Quail Grove HOA - Code RangersThe City of Fort Worth is looking for some good neighbors to become

Code Rangers

It’s that time of the year for a Code Ranger Training!

January 25, 2014 at 9am

The Code Compliance Department is always looking for concerned and caring citizens to help monitor respective neighborhoods to keep them clean, safe and beautiful.

Learn how and what to do to make your community the very best it can be.

Download and read the flyer for details

Quail Grove HOA - Code Blue ProgramNeighbors Helping Neighbors

The Quail Grove HOA has a Neighborhood Police Officer assigned to work with residents within the community with various matters. One important group effort is the Code Blue Volunteer program: Interested residents participate in an 8-hour training program and utilize those learned skills to help keep a neighborly watch in the community. You learn how to work with the NPO and share information. There is no risk to you. It’s simply a neighborly program.

Anyone interested in this highly popular program may contact the Quail Grove NPO: Billy Ward at

Update to Community Documents

This is a notification to each homeowner in the Quail Grove HOA that the following documents have been filed and recorded in Tarrant County Texas. Due to the transition of the HOA from developer control to homeowner control, the Special Warranty Deed and the Assignment and Release of all common areas are now the property of the HOA. In addition, the Board of Directors has filed the Open Board of Directors Meeting Member Attendance Procedures document.

These documents are also found on the HOA’s website: 

NTC Arcadia Park HOA - Mosquito Patrol

Mosquito Patrol

  • According to national data, the national and local Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are working with local municipalities to combat the West Nile Virus with spraying operations and ongoing efforts.
  • Per info on the City of Fort Worth web site, the City decided Tuesday evening to conduct more ground spraying, including sections of the north side, east of I-35W. The next round will be in the 76137 zip code, limited to streets around Arcadia Trail Park, Park Place Park, Mesa Verde Park and Arcadia Trail Park North. This spraying will also use off-road vehicles to spray in parks and greenbelts.
  • Earlier spraying in the 76137 zip code was found to have positive results.
  • Spraying will take place between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights but could be delayed a day if there is bad weather.
  • Samples are gathered prior to spraying areas, and then additional samples are gathered post-spraying to determine success.

Tips from Landscape Vendor

  • Only female mosquitoes bite (to assist in laying eggs). [which is why the city collects females to conduct testing]
  • Mosquitoes lay eggs in all types of water: water pails, lakes, ponds, anything that holds water. In lakes and ponds, natural predators handle these nasty vampires!
  • The worst offender in assisting mosquito repopulation is HUMANS! Stagnant plastic pools, buckets, jars, etc. Most parasites can be controlled through a clean environment.

Combating the West Nile Virus is not a HOA responsibility, but that of each City/Municipality. However, each homeowner has a responsibility to oversee their property and ensure kiddie pools are drained after each use, any rain barrel or water bucket is covered, etc. Commit to doing what is necessary so no standing water exists on the property.

Vendors do not spray for West Nile due to liability. Such efforts fall within the spectrum of City operations and the CDC.

The use of over-the-counter mosquito repellant can be hugely successful.

HOA Neighborhood Vigilence

Keep A Watch Out For Any Suspicious Activity In Your Neighborhood!

Remember to...

Lock your cars
Close your garages
Call the police at any sign of suspicous activity
Be a good neighbor and watch out for the homes around you

Non-emergency number is 817-335-4222
If anyone is in danger call

Download and read the Crime Flyer notice

Always Home at Quail Grove

FamilyA perfect balance of family and play!

Quail Grove features beautiful and prestigious homes in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD. It's nestled between downtown Fort Worth and Dallas, just north of Fort Worth and driving minutes from DFW Airport and major metropolitan areas. Residents in this community are in close proximity to top-rated schools, major business routes, fantastic shopping opportunities, and a wide choice of entertainment close to home.